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About the Artists

About Kaayeekán

Kaayeekán yoo xat duwasáakw, yéil naax xat sitee. T'akdeintaan áyá xat, Chookaneidí yádi xat sitee. Sheet'káx' yéi xat yatee. 

Kaayeekán (Haylee) Steffes was born and raised in Sitka. Kaayeekán grew up learning a variety of traditional art forms including beading, cedar weaving, and formline.  Kaayeekán first started teaching beading at Fort Lewis College, in a small beading group.  They have since been working with Indigenous youth through teaching beading and coaching basketball and volleyball. 


About Chookán

Chookán yoo xat duwasáakw, ch'áak' naax xat sitee. Chookaneidí áyá xat, Kiks.ádi yádi xat sitee. Sheet'káx' yéi xat yatee. 

Chookán (Lakrisha) Brady was born and raised in Sitka. Chookán has dedicated her life to preserving cultural knowledge through teaching Indigenous youth. She has been a beader for 19 years and has developed a signature style of moons inspired by her dog Luna. 

Luna Brady


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